Additional roles in the Training Committee and Exam Board

SHU Appointed External Examiner - Susan Mitzman
SHU appointed External Examiner has a broad role ensuring standards across all the courses.

National External Examiner for Supervisor Training - Jane Stevens
The role of the national external examiner for supervisor training is to keep an overview of supervisor development, to advise on and to receive the completed submission forms from the trainee supervisors which includes reports during the process of supervisor training, or APEL (accreditation of prior learning and experience) cases, as well as reports on the six month supervised practice of supervision with commentary from the senior supervisor.

Vice Chair of Supervisor Training - Steve Potter

Vice Chair for Accreditation of Prior Learning/Accreditation of Prior Experience and Learning (APL/APEL) (Exam Board) - Sally Anne Ennis  The Vice-Chair for APL/APEL is responsible for receiving and processing applications from candidates. This may involve arranging interviews, receiving reports, scrutinising training plans, advising and arranging examiners.

ACAT/SHU Liaison representative - Dawn Bennett
The role involves responding to issues raised as new courses join and addressing questions from SHU regarding how we teach, evaluate and the systems ACAT already have in place to address quality. The post holder acts as a resource for course directors.