ACAT Complaint Checklist

Please read this in conjunction with the ACAT Complaints Procedure and the relevant Codes of Ethics and Practice

  1. Name the person against whom the complaint is made. Details must be sent in writing.
  2. Check your complaint against the timescale - a formal complaint should be lodged within three years of the event which forms the substance of the complaint. A complaint outside that period will only be considered for good reasons in exceptional circumstances.
  3. Details of the complaint must be sent in writing to the Chair of the Ethics Panel, c/o ACAT Office, PO Box 6793, Dorchester, DT1 9DL. This must include specific identification of the provision or provisions of the relevant Code alleged to have been breached.
  4. Please give details of whether and how you have tried to resolve the matter with the member of ACAT, using mediation (or other service). If no attempt has been made to resolve the matter, please give an explanation as to why this has not been the case. Copies of any correspondence relating to this matter should be attached to your complaint.
  5. Provide exact details of events that are the subject matter of the complaint, including times, dates and places supported by as much evidence as possible. It is useful to open with a summary of the situation before going into the exact details of your complaint.
  6. Witness statements could provide evidence of the occurrence of events. Other evidence could be supplied in the form of documents, contemporaneous notes, pre-training literature, diary entries, advertising material and correspondence etc.
  7. Where evidence is supplied, it should be attached to the complaint as appendices and clearly referenced in the body of the complaint.
  8. Please ensure wherever possible that your complaint is written on one side of each sheet of paper only to help when copies are made. Please avoid using colour.
  9. A copy of the complaint will be seen by the member complained against. Therefore you must be aware of what contact details you include in the submission. If you do not wish the member complained against to have sight of your contact details or that of third parties, please exclude them from your submission, but your details must be included in the covering letter to ACAT.
  10. The complaint should be signed and dated.



Contact Details

ACAT Administration Manager:
Susan Van Baars

Maria Cross

Postal Address:
PO Box 6793
United Kingdom

+44(0) 844 800 9496

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