The Ethics Panel

The Ethics Panel carries responsibility for administering ACAT's Concerns and Complaints Procedure, conducting investigations and maintaining and reporting upon ethical standards in the practice of CAT.

It is composed of experienced accredited ACAT members and Lay Members.  The Chair of the Panel is a Lay Member.

The Role of the Chair of the Ethics Panel is defined as such:

In consultation with the Chair of ACAT and with the help of ACAT administration, to administer and co-ordinate the ACAT Code of Ethics and the Concerns and Complaints Procedure including:

  1. Chairing the annual meeting of the ACAT Ethics Panel
  2. Considering initial concerns and complaints and, following the provisions of the Concerns and Complaints Procedure, referring for conciliation, investigation or adjudication as appropriate
  3. Where required, appointing and instructing investigative and adjudication panels and informing the parties involved, the Chair of ACAT and the Trustees of the outcome of those Panels
  4. Reporting the outcome of (2) and (3) above to the Chair and Trustees of ACAT and the Ethics Panel
  5. Reporting annually on Concerns and Complaints to ACAT's Annual General Meeting
  6. In consultation with the Chair of ACAT and with joint agreement, appointing new members to the ACAT Ethics Panel to form part of the pool of members for the investigative and adjudication committees, maintaining so far as possible an equal balance between ACAT and lay members
  7. From time to time arranging for consultation and review of the ACAT Code of Ethics and Concerns and Complaints Procedure for endorsement by the Ethics Panel and ACAT's Board of Trustees
  8. In pursuing this role, the Ethics Chair shall be conscious of her/his role as a lay chair, and will operate in an objective and impartial manner.  S/he may seek general advice on CAT procedure and practice from the Chair or Vice-Chair of ACAT, ACAT members of the Ethics Panel, Trustees or from senior members of ACAT suggested by the Chair of ACAT.

Agreed and Adopted by the ACAT Ethics Panel: October 2013

22nd Annual ACAT National Conference 2015 Requests for Workshops and Poster Proposals

Contact Details

ACAT Administration Manager:
Susan Van Baars

Maria Cross

Postal Address:
PO Box 6793
United Kingdom

+44(0) 844 800 9496

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