Other Organisational Roles

External Moderator - Richard Cleminson
The External Moderator’s function is to advise and assist the organisation to develop and maintain their training and accrediting processes.

The Chair of the Ethics Committee - Rachel Densham
The Chair of the Ethics Committee is responsible for conducting investigations and maintaining and reporting upon ethical standards in the practice of CAT.
The Chair of the Panel will provide a report, including, where appropriate, statistics, to the membership of ACAT at each Annual General Meeting, and when required, to UKCP.

ACAT Administration Manager - Susan Van Baars
The role of Administration Manager covers four days a week. The main aspects of the work are focused on the general management of the administration of the organisation and focuses particularly on accounts and finance, all aspects of membership, annual conference, liaison with practitioner, skills and psychotherapy trainings, support for ACAT’s main committees such as trustees, training committee, exam board, council of management, AGM etc, website maintenance, general enquiries and liaison. 

Administrator - Maria Cross
The administrator works with the administration manager in the ACAT office three and a half days per week and key responsibilities are looking after the arrangements and bookings for events and workshops, conference, the administration of supervisor training working with the National External Examiner for Supervisor Training, the Exam Board administration working with the Chair of the Exam Board, ACAT's CPD audit as well as general office duties etc.