ACAT Supervisor Training Module 6 What is a Healthy Supervisor
4th November 2022

WARNING! This event has passed.

Presenter: Annie Nehmad

Online via zoom

9:45am to 4:15pm

Supervisor Training Module 6: What is a Healthy Supervisor?

My chapter in Cognitive Analytic Supervision (ed. Deborah Pickvance) will be both basis and springboard. I will summarise key aspects, then go onto other ways of conceptualising the Healthy Supervisor, and consider pitfalls and obstacles

Themes will be introduced using a PPT presentation and followed through with interactive and experiential moments. I hope to draw on the wisdom and knowledge of participants, so we can discuss, debate, disagree, deconstruct, etc.

Reading the chapter beforehand is recommended, as it may elicit questions, thoughts, etc,

Annie Nehmad


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