Equality and Diversity Committee


The Equality and Diversity Committee is a sub-committee of the Board of Trustees and Council of Management has been established to advise the Board of Trustees and Council of Management on issues relating to Equality and Diversity.  The Chair of the Committee is appointed by the Board of Trustees.  The inaugural Chair is Prof Hilary Brown who will serve an initial term of three years.

The Chair on behalf of the Board of Trustees and Council of Management may invite members of ACAT to join the Committee for a term of two years, in order to bring together expertise in this field.  Non-ACAT members may also be seconded at the Chair’s discretion.  One member of the Committee will be a representative of the Board of Trustees and another will represent the Training Committee and Exam Board.

The Terms of Reference and Work Plan for the year ahead are agreed between the Board of Trustees and Council of Management and Chair of the Equality and Diversity Committee thus providing a mandate for the work of the Committee.

Recommendations arising from the work of the Committee will be submitted to the Board and Council of Management meetings (held three times a year).  The Chair of the Equality and Diversity Committee will be seconded to the Council of Management and is welcome to attend these meetings.  Final decisions on the implementation of recommendations will be made at these meetings.

Satellite working groups reporting to the Equality and Diversity Committee can be established at the Chair’s discretion.

The E&D Committee will be supported by:

  • Space to host an Equality and Diversity Forum on the first day of each annual ACAT conference.
  • Website support to allow on-line discussion and dissemination of information.
  • Funding for members to attend two face to face meetings per annum (one to coincide with the E&D forum at Conference).
  • Funding for up to 4 teleconferences per annum.


Terms of Reference:

  1. To report to the Board of Trustees and Council of Management of ACAT on issues of equality and diversity within ACAT and with a view to facilitating equal access to CAT therapy and ACAT training courses within the NHS and other settings
  2. To act as a hub for dialogue about how to address issues of diversity and equality in our theory, our curricula and our training programmes
  3. To consider the needs of particular groups who have been marginalised within the theory and practice of psychotherapy and specifically CAT
  4. To put in place sensitive but informative monitoring so that ACAT can make evidence based decisions about the extent to which we are addressing diversity and equality issues in our teaching and training and recommend positive steps to address barriers in our courses and curricula and encourage innovation
  5. To support individual practitioners and psychotherapists through the development of resources, scholarship and research on these issues.
  6. Other projects as agreed by the Board of Trustees.

Equality and Diversity Committee: Terms of Reference

Equality and Diversity Policy


Work Plan 2016-2017

  • To draw up a resource list for training courses
  • To explore the rejoining policy using an equality impact assessment model
  • To draw up an instrument for monitoring access to, and completion of training programmes

Work Plan 2017-2018

  • To review and make recommendations about how to address inequality within:
    • Code of Ethics and Practice
    • Code of Ethics and Practice for Training and supervision
  • To design and deliver at least one ACAT CPD event on the topic of issues relating to Equality and Diversity
  • Gathering experience of issues and challenges faced by our members in relation to inequality, while working in the NHS, private practice other sectors and presenting a brief synopsis of the findings at the E&D forum in September 2017
ACAT Calendar for March
22nd March 2018
CPD Event: Youth CAT CPD Day & AGM - Re-integrating Youth
99th March 2018
CPD Event: ACAT: CAT and the Embodied Mind
1717th March 2018
CPD Event: The Psychotherapist's Self-Care - offered by Confer
1919th March 2018
CPD Event: States, Self-states and State Shifts - offered by Catalyse
2121st March 2018
CPD Event: ACAT's Annual Meeting of Trainers and Supervisors

Contact Details

ACAT Administration Manager:Maria Cross

ACAT Administrator:Alison Marfell

ACAT Financial Administrator:Louise Barter

Postal Address:ACAT
PO Box 6793
United Kingdom

Phone:+44(0) 1305 263 511


Office Hours:Monday to Friday
9am to 5pm

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