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is committed to upholding a broadly based view of the Cognitive Analytic approach and developments within CAT.  Reformulation considers articles on CAT practice and theory, as well as debates, letters, poems, book reviews, art works and adverts relevant to CAT.    Contributions by users of CAT are particularly welcome.  Views expressed by writers are their own and do not necessarily reflect the personal views of the editors or ACAT.  Editors encourage exchange and debate between differing points of view and for this reason invite readers to respond to articles by writing letters to the Editors with a view to publication.


Reformulation is published twice a year in June and December and is free to ACAT members.  Articles or items for submission on any aspect of CAT (between 250 and 2,000 words) or advertisement for any CAT event should be submitted electronically via ACAT to  Articles are only accepted at the discretion of the editors.  The Editors cannot guarantee that a manuscript accepted for publication will be published in any particular issue of the Journal.

The Aims and Scope of Reformulation and Consent to Publish in Reformulation

For more information around submissions and the aims and scope of Reformulation please click on:  "The Aims and Scope of Reformulation" and for consent to publish please click here:  "Consent to Publish in Reformulation" 

Editorial Team:

Editors:  Nicola Kimber-Rogal and Louise Yorke
Editorial Advisor: Alison Jenaway
Editorial Board:  Caroline Bunting, Haydee Cochrane,  John Fox, Beth Greenhill,  Carol Gregory, Gemma Kothari, Susan Mitzman,  Sarah Richards,  Omar Sattaur, Olivia Southwell, Nicola Tweedie, Tracey Weldon, Julie Wilkinson
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Articles in the Current Issue of Reformulation :: Summer 2018 2018 [Issue 50]

Fond Memories Of Someone We Were Lucky To Have Met
Marisa Poggioli and Cristina Fiorani, 2018. Fond Memories Of Someone We Were Lucky To Have Met. Reformulation, Summer 2018, p.26.

Memories from a pre-CAT Time
Mikael Leiman, 2018. Memories from a pre-CAT Time. Reformulation, Summer 2018, pp.16-17.

Pragmatism: from Psychoanalysis to CAT
Professor Michael Jacobs, 2018. Pragmatism: from Psychoanalysis to CAT. Reformulation, Summer 2018, p.27.

Reciprocal roles: the mother of all ideas
Steve Potter, 2018. Reciprocal roles: the mother of all ideas. Reformulation, Summer 2018, pp.9-11.

Remembering Tony Ryle: Roots, re-formative experiences and a relational tale
Stella Compton-Dickinson, 2018. Remembering Tony Ryle: Roots, re-formative experiences and a relational tale. Reformulation, Summer 2018, pp.28-30.

The Genius of Tony Ryle – Past, Present and Future
Anna Jellema, 2018. The Genius of Tony Ryle – Past, Present and Future. Reformulation, Summer 2018, pp.5-8.

Tony Ryle the therapist: A privilege to listen in
Dawn Bennett, 2018. Tony Ryle the therapist: A privilege to listen in. Reformulation, Summer 2018, pp.22-24.

Tony Ryle: A personal appreciation and obituary
Ian B Kerr, 2018. Tony Ryle: A personal appreciation and obituary. Reformulation, Summer 2018, pp.31-32.

Tony Ryle’s appetite for Debate, and how it led to New Developments in the Co-creation of Reformulation Letters: Empowering to empowered?
Dr Alison Jenaway, 2018. Tony Ryle’s appetite for Debate, and how it led to New Developments in the Co-creation of Reformulation Letters: Empowering to empowered?. Reformulation, Summer 2018, pp.12-14.

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