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Dorota Cronin

I am a qualified cognitive analytic therapist, with a previous training in occupational therapy. I have an extensive experience working across NHS based mental health services for adult and young people.


Cognitive analytic therapy is a time-limited psychotherapy. The process of this therapy is to help us look at patterns of relating, and the effect these patterns are having on our relationships, our work and the way we are with ourselves. 


I aim to instill in you a sense of hope and a greater sense of choice for yourself.
Every person has a right to fulfil their potential and purpose and I am dedicated to supporting my clients in achieving a better quality of life.


I practice in a person-centred way, aiming to provide you with a scaffolding of support for a safe exploration of your inner world, including experiences, which can be described as unmanageable feelings. I deeply believe that we need to be able to ‘see ‘ourselves before we can understand ourselves better and allow a process of change to take place.


I will accompany you on the journey of self-discovery by helping you to identify and optimise your strengths, as well as helping you to recognise and deconstruct obstructions to your growth and wellness. 


I believe that with a right approach and support a change for the better is always possible. This conviction continues to nurture my enthusiasm and dedication for work I do.


I have a sound knowledge of the various therapeutic interventions in addressing an array of interpersonal problems and mood-related conditions.

I draw on a range of practices, rooted in client-centred and mindfulness-based approaches.  When relevant, I also incorporate into therapy working with physical symptoms and sensations, which in my experience, are often indicative of traumatic, ignored or overlooked experiences from an early life.



Please, feel free to contact me for informal conversation on 07387214460


or via email on  


or via website 


I offer weekdays evenings and Saturday morning appointments and I take account of circumstances regarding fees.






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