UK [Michael Knight]

CAT Psychotherapist and Supervisor, with 25 years of experience in providing individual time-limited therapy, and/or crisis support, and/or extended assessments, in all cases addressing full range of underlying personal problems such as anxiety, depression or mood swings/instability.

Currently, in line social distancing requirements, available for phone sessions only.  

I will usually suggest starting with an Assessment.  There are many examples where one to three assessment sessions, each up to 90 minutes and concluding with a personal formulation letter, has yielded benefits sufficient to put aside any urgent need for ongoing therapy.  Options for further therapy are openly explored including suggesting onward referral, if I believe i cannot offer what is best.   

The most important factor in successful therapy is the quality of the relationship between client and therapist.  My foremost concern is therefore to understand, and forge an effective, unique therapist-client relationship, one that for each party engages, connects to the other, with both head and heart.   I am open to whatever the client brings, seek to respond with  empathic, non-judgemental containment. 

Everyone’s life-story is unique, and I will want to hear as much as she or he feels able to tell me, gently challenging if appropriate, and especially about the relationships that have made it what it is.  

CAT’s strengths lie in its focus and its collaborative, relational approach.  



Phone: 07890 337604

Fees are by agreement taking account of circumstances.



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