Members of ACAT's Council of Management

Chair of ACAT - Jason Hepple
The Chair of ACAT chairs both the Board of Trustees and Council of Management. The role involves setting the strategic direction for ACAT with the Trustees and overseeing the day to day running of the organisation with the support of the Council of Management. The Chair also sits on all ACAT committees, including the Training Committee and Exam Board.

Vice Chair - Robert Watson
The vice-chair acts for the chair when the chair is not available and undertakes specific assignments at the request of the chair. To ensure continuity for the organisation, the vice-chair is able to take over as acting chair in the event of illness or sudden absence of the chair. The vice-chair should therefore be familiar with the work of the chair and up to date with the future plans and strategy of the organisation.

Treasurer - Stephen White
In addition to the general responsibilities of a Trustee, the overall role of the Treasurer is to maintain an overview of the organisation’s affairs, ensuring its financial viability and ensuring that proper financial records and procedures are maintained and that the organisation operates within the legal guidelines as set out in current legislation.

Chair of Training Committee - Anna Jellema
In addition to chairing the Training Committee and dealing with any actions that arise from that, this role involves liaison with the ACAT/Sheffield Hallam University (SHU) Liaison representative re SHU link and attendance when necessary at SHU meetings in support of the ACAT/SHU Liaison representative. The Chair also responds to queries relating to training issues – confirming requirements, clarifying ambiguities etc. and advises on developing new courses. He or she decides on issues that need to be brought to the Training Committee and responds to complaints both informal and formal. The Chair liaises with others in the organisation, attends Council meetings and carries through actions that arise. The Chair keeps abreast of training issues nationally in respect of issues such as regulation or the UKCP, and has a strategic view of key issues such as the modularisation of training.

Chair of Exam Board - Shirley Akgun
The Chair of the Examination Board is responsible for overseeing the accreditation of trainees, trainers and supervisors. He or she will manage queries arising over these issues and advise the Examination Board. The Board also monitors and audits national standards of marking.

Trainee Representative - Vacancy
The trainee representative sits on the Council of Management in order to promote the views of CAT trainees in the organisation. The role involves taking part in a monthly teleconference and also attending three meetings in London each year – the Training Committee, Exam Board and the Trustees’ meeting. This post enables a trainee to get first-hand experience of the workings of the organisation.

Vice Chair for Public and Membership Services - vacancy
The Vice Chair for Public and Membership Services has the responsibility for taking forward the development of services that the organisation provides to members and the wider public. The role also involves shaping how the organisation pursues its charitable objectives.

Projects and Liaison Officer - Penny Waheed
This paid role has the responsibility for supporting Trustees, Council and Training Committee members, and assisting with communication of information between the various ACAT committees, working groups and the members.

Administration Manager - Susan Van Baars
This paid role has responsbility for supporting Trustees, Council of Management, AGM and other ACAT Commitees and managing ACAT's administration.

ACAT Calendar for May
88th May 2017
CAT Introductory Event: Two Day Intro to CAT for People with ID - Bespoke
1212th May 2017
CPD Event: Embodiment and Therapeutic Space - offered by CAT Scotland
1515th May 2017
CPD Event: Use of CAT in Consultancy 5 Session CAT Approach - offered by Catalyse
1919th May 2017
CPD Event: ACAT: What gets left behind when we become a therapist?
3131st May 2017
Training Committee, London

Contact Details

ACAT Administration Manager:Susan Van Baars

Administrators:Maria Cross
Alison Marfell

Postal Address:ACAT
PO Box 6793
United Kingdom

Phone:+44(0) 1305 263 511

Office Hours:Monday to Thursday
9am to 5pm

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