(ICATA) International Cognitive Analytic Therapy Association

A federation of national CAT associations:

What is ICATA? It is a federation of national associations promoting training and supervision in the practice of CAT from Australia, Finland, Greece, Ireland, Italy, New Zealand, Poland, Spain, India and Hong Kong and United Kingdom. We look forward to more countries joining in.

What does ICATA aim to do? Develop knowledge and use of Cognitive Analytic Therapy internationally. Support training and supervision internationally. Oversee national accreditation programmes and procedures.

Who are the members of ICATA? There is an executive made up of two delegates from each member country with established or newly developing training programmes in CAT. They had an executive, two-day meeting last September in Krakow and meet bi-monthly through a telephone conference.

Introducing CAT to your country. Contact one of the executive members [contact us] to establish links with a senior trainer who can help with introductory training courses and offer guidance on how to set up supervision and further training step by step to practitioner level and beyond. There are introductory training workshops in various parts of the world and attending a training in a neighbouring country is possible. The senior trainer linked to a country will work with an initial group of trainees to help establish CAT. Where there are difficulties finding a senior trainer who is familiar with the language of a particular country, simultaneous translation has been shown to be a workable model of training in CAT. Once a group of qualified practitioners is being trained, a national association can be formed. 

For more details generally about ICATA and the development of CAT internationally please go to: http://www.internationalcat.org