CAT Skills Case Management - Munro Centre
26th July 2017 to 5th October 2017

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Cognitive Analytic Therapy Skills Case Management Programme
Southwark & Central IPTT- Munro Centre

About Cognitive Analytic Therapy (CAT)

•    Cognitive analytic therapy is a time-limited psychotherapy (normally 16 to 24 sessions) which integrates theories derived from cognitive psychology, psychoanalytic psychotherapy (mainly object relations), and ideas derived from Vygotsky and Bakhtin (dialogic).  

•    It is an integrative model that helps us to understand the links between the relational patterns from the past and present, and how this affects our everyday life. 

•    Understanding the development of personality, and that aspects of personality are socially constructed, is central to CAT.  The tools of therapy, including the reformulation letter, psychotherapy file, procedural diagrams and the dialogic sequence analysis, are particularly helpful in conceptualising and managing complex presentations within a relational frame work. 

•    CAT is a relational model that was developed within the NHS to meet the rising pressures and demands of the services and patients. It involves developing an active collaborative therapeutic relationship with the patient, and is particularly applicable to work in NHS settings with people with complex needs.

Structure of the Course

The course will be taught in three modules: 

•    Module 1 (July 2017):

  • CAT as Therapeutic Model 
  • Shape and Structure of CAT

•    Module 2 (Sept 2017):

  • Relational Focus and Alliance
  • Specific Presentations in CAT

•    Module 3 (Oct 2017):

  • Boundaries and Framework
  • Endings and Self-Care

Objectives and Learning Outcomes

•    To gain a shared language for inter-professional work based upon CAT’s integrative and dialogic approach to cognitive and relational processes.

•    To demonstrate continued utilisation and sharing of the CAT formulation tools in team meetings, handovers and contexts, as well as during daily work and as part of a care co ordinator role. 

•    Participants would feel skilled and better prepared to defuse crises and to explore situations, and explain how this fits with the patient’s history, formulation and treatment plan. 

•    Using CAT skills to develop reflective practice.

•    Apply the psychological thinking and relational skills learned to help the team to understand and formulate staff/patient interactions, develop team-based formulations, and contribute to collaborative care co-ordination, risk assessment and treatment.

Training Days (2017) 

  • 26th & 27th July 2017        
  • 6th & 7th September 2017            
  • 4th & 5th October 2017

Marvels Lane Health Centre, 37 Marvels Lane, Lewisham, London SE12 9PN

•    SLAM staff – No Fees (Limited Numbers)
•    External Candidates - £800

How to book for external candidates 

Detailed instructions are available for download - please scroll to the end of this webpage

Training Methods Employed

•    Lectures, Joint mapping, clinical exercises, ie. completing the Psychotherapy File and case discussions.

Supervised Clinical Practice

•    Participants will have to attend weekly supervision to discuss and formulate two ongoing cases. Weekly group supervision with a CAT supervisor will be provided.

Personal Therapy Experience

•    A brief (3 sessions) Reformulation experience with a CAT therapist (costs not included in the course fee).

Written Work

•    1 case study (2000 words)
•    1 reflective essay (2000 words)


•    Successful completion of the written course work.
•    Two cases under supervision with a satisfactory appraisal from the supervisor. 
•    A minimum of 85% attendance.

Ethical Practice

The trainees will join ACAT (£20) as trainee members, and will be expected to work within ACAT’s Code of Practice and Ethics for Members, as well as within their Appeals and Complaints Procedures.

Trainers' Names and Qualifications

•    Jessie Emilion (UKCP registered Psychotherapist, ACAT accredited Supervisor and CAT Trainer).

•    Shirley Akgun (UKCP registered Psychotherapist, ACAT accredited Supervisor and CAT trainer). 


SLAM and ACAT accredited Certificate in ‘CAT Skills in Case Management’.

Contact details for Jessie Emilion: T 0203 228 9701 or 9708 E


Details and Booking Information

26th July 2017 to 5th October 2017

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