ACAT Two Day Introduction to CAT
14th September 2018 to 15th September 2018

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ACAT Introduction to Cognitive Analytic Therapy

A two-day introduction to the skills and concepts in practice

This highly-rated, short course is offered by ACAT for people new to the CAT way of working

Friday, 14th and Saturday, 15th September 2018

10.00 – 17.00 on Friday / 09.30 – 16.30 on Saturday

Course Fee: £230 (online - personal credit or debit card) / £245 (cheque or invoice)

Chancellors Hotel and Conference Centre, Manchester 

Course Trainer: Sarah Littlejohn

This hands-on, two day course offers an introduction to the ideas, methods and skills of Cognitive Analytic Therapy.  It combines short theoretical inputs with role play and video demonstrations by the trainers of CAT practice and work in pairs and small groups to try out CAT skills.  The versatility of the approach will be explored and a range of clinical examples highlighted.  Participants will gain skills in mapping, tracking and negotiating problem patterns with clients and for supervision.   Participants will need some familiarity with the use of psychological ideas and methods in responding to mental health problems and emotional distress. 

Key ideas to be taught: 
•    The influence of early interactions in shaping personality: reciprocal roles, multiple positions   
•    Developing therapeutic attitudes through joint activity within a structured, focused, time limited therapy  
•    Relational understanding of trauma: its origins, maintenance in current life and enactment in the helping setting 
•    reciprocal roles and a dialogic understanding of problem patterns
•    enactments and therapeutic moments

Typical methods to be practiced:
•    shared therapeutic activity of making maps side by side with the client 
•    use of reformulatory diagrams and writing to hold and guide therapy
•    using the educational and therapeutic relationship between client and therapist as the key to mechanisms of change
•    working directly and indirectly with a client
•    active and therapeutic use of time and endings

An integrative and dialogic approach:
•    to psychological therapies and mental health work
•    differences and similarities with other cognitive relational models of therapy

Suitable for:
Clinical psychologists, psychotherapists, nurses, psychiatrists, counsellors, social workers and others working with mental health  

Course Trainer:  
Sarah Littlejohn has been teaching and training CAT for many years

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•    by email, attaching the booking form (for download at the end of this page), providing full invoicing details, to:
•    by post, enclosing a cheque made payable to ACAT to: ACAT, PO Box 6793, Dorchester DT1 9DL

•    Email:
•    Telephone:  01305 263511


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14th September 2018 to 15th September 2018

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