Conversations with pen and paper - offered by Map and Talk
10th November 2021

Webinar workshop 9.30-1.00pm

How to use mapping and writing as part of a reflective or therapeutic conversation.    

When we talk, we relate.  We cannot make sense of the language in a discussion without making sense of the relationships between and around us.   If we can help ourselves (by mapping and writing with pen and paper) create better conversations we can develop relational awareness in the process.   We need help to achieve a combined approach to conversational and relational awareness (the workshop will define these terms).  This is especially so where individuals and cultures have impoverished or restricted forms of relating and talking.    

Conversations can be enhanced by the use of pen and paper in the form of 'awareness grids', relational and reflective maps, paragraphs of spontaneous discovery writing, reading out and voicing.    The skills of conversational, relational and narrative mapping help provide moments of discovery in reflective practice and personal discussions and healing in therapy.    

This half day workshop offers CAT informed ways of mapping and writing as a therapeutic resource.   It is led by Steve Potter.  Four aspects of mapping will be reviewed in relation to the key CAT concepts of reciprocal roles and traps, snags and dilemmas.   A workbook and illustrations of how to have conversations with pen and paper is included.  

Participants will go away with guidelines and tools for  working with mapping and writing in the context of an ongoing conversation either one to one with clients, in groups, in supervision or in reflective practice meetings.    

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