DNU - ACAT: CAT Consciousness and a Relational Self
16th September 2022

WARNING! This event has passed.

CAT, Consciousness and a Relational Self. The Microcosm of Re-enactment in CAT Supervision

How does CAT view the idea of consciousness? What makes up a person’s ‘self’. Jason will look at recent neurobiological, genetic, epigenetic, collective and dialogic influences on the self that show that the human self is far from a ‘tabula rasa’ at birth and will consider possible mechanisms for the transmission of trauma trans-generationally. He will present a relational model of the self. In the afternoon there will be the opportunity to explore complex case work using these ideas and the exercise ‘the microcosm’ that considers how reciprocal role re-enactments occur down the generations and through systems.

Jason Hepple FRCPsych is an ACAT Life Member, CAT psychotherapist and Trainer. He is currently an honorary psychotherapist with Somerset NHS Foundation Trust.

Venue:  Hamilton House

Open to all therapists

For  booking please visit:  https://www.acat.me.uk/course/1188/



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