The 5-Session CAT Approach - offered by Catalyse
30th October 2017 to 31st October 2017

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Course information:

The course is specifically focused on building understanding and skills in using this application of CAT. It aims to:

• Enhance understanding and skills to help work with service users who are unable to make use of individual psychotherapy and often have significant risks and instability in their lives.
• Provide knowledge and skills in this approach, developed to enable effective ways of team working with this client group, whilst also focussing on aiming to ‘do no harm’.

‘5-Session CAT approach’ has been developed by adapting therapeutic skills to work in a containing way with these difficulties.  It is different to ‘doing CAT therapy’ and uses different emphases and approaches. This is a Skills Building course which:

• Provides an introduction to the approach and the key skills used
• The chance to observe the skills being used
• To practice the main skills with feedback from the trainers.

Skills will include:

• Working with the service user and staff to develop ‘here and now’ CAT reformulations to inform case management
• Working with the risks, developing goals, agreed ways of working, plans for change and a contract with the service including planned endings.

It is particularly designed for those who provide direct work with service users and indirect consultancy as internal consultants or are planning to begin. Their likely professional background would be a clinical psychologist or another mental health worker whose role includes consultancy work. The skills used in the approach are also well suited to being adapted to a variety of different contexts and can inform other kinds of work.  It is essential that participants have sufficient CAT knowledge and skills to be able to focus on the purpose of the course.  It is best suited to CAT practitioners, those in training or who have completed a work-based placement in CAT and have had supervised practice of a least one CAT therapy. The clinical case examples will all be drawn from adult secondary level mental health services (community) and considered complex, with diagnosis being some form of PD.

Facilitators: The two days will be led by Angela Carradice and Dawn Bennett.

Event Hashtag: #CATfive217

For further information including full terms and conditions and to book your place please visit the link below or telephone 07842 137745:

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30th October 2017 to 31st October 2017

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