CAT Supervisor Training

All accredited CAT Supervisors have completed the ACAT accredited Supervisor Training.

The ACAT Supervisor Training is based upon an apprenticeship model provided by ACAT for experienced CAT Practitioners and Psychotherapists to progress towards accreditation as a CATSupervisor.

The entry requirements and supervisor training pathway can be accessed by ACAT members (once logged in) by scrolling down this page to 'Supervisor Training Guidelines' and 'Application'.

The Supervisor Training Guidelines set the standards that are normally expected of those seeking to become supervisors.

ACAT provides training days and other events for those undertaking supervisor training. Trainee supervisees are expected to take responsibility for seeking out a Senior (also known as “established”) Supervisor and constructing their own programme of self-directed learning in collaboration with their Senior Supervisor, following the Guidelines. The Senior Supervisor has a similar level of responsibility to the course director on a training course. They are responsible for ensuring that the self-directed learning meets the developmental needs of the trainee supervisors, and may recommend further training or development as necessary.  

The Senior Supervisor must be a fully paid-up member of ACAT, and have been qualified as a CAT Supervisor for at least three years. Any supervision carried out whilst not a member cannot be counted toward accreditation.  

Guidelines for Senior Supervisors are available for download at the end of this page.

The following is an outline of supervisor training - for elaboration of the Supervisor Training Guidelines please see the full document. Please note that this is what we would normally expect. If you feel that you do not fall within these guidelines, please contact ACAT.

Applicants will......

Be members of ACAT at either the Practitioner or Psychotherapist level.  They will therefore have met the general criteria for admission to training in CAT.

Have completed 16 CAT cases (signed-off by their Supervisor).

Be qualified as a CAT Practitioner / CAT Therapist for at least two years (2b) and be a continuous full member of ACAT.

Have established a link with a Senior Supervisor (a current member of ACAT and qualified as a Supervisor for a minimum of three years)


1  Download the Guidelines and Application Form (available at the end of this page once logged-in)

2  Send the completed form (original, signed hard copy) to ACAT together with the following:

  •     An additional copy of the application form
  •     Current CV
  •     Payment of the application fee, or full invoicing details if a third party is to fund the training
  •     Details of two referees, including email addresses

All signatures must be original (preferably in blue ink) - scanned/typed signatures or emailed applications cannot be accepted.

3  Decide on your training route :                                                                                       

ACAT Supervisision Training Paths

4  Attend CAT supervisor training days.  These are not mandatory but, if not attended, we would like to see evidence of other supervisory training experience.

When this is completed........

1  Start the supervision of your own group for 6 months under the supervision of your Senior Supervisor. If you have chosen to do an ACAT approved intensive relational skills supervisor training course as part of your training, you may start your own training supervision group before undertaking the intensive training – however you must continue with this group until you have finished the intensive relational skills supervisor training.

NB: The supervisees in this group will not normally be on practitioner or psychotherapy trainings, as trainees on these courses have to be supervised by accredited supervisors.  If a trainee supervisor supervises someone on a practitioner or psychotherapy training, the supervisor is responsible for informing the supervisee that the supervised cases will not count towards the cases required for the training course.

2  When you are ready to apply for accreditation, download and complete the Accreditation Submission Form (available under 'Training Resources' on your home page once logged in)

All signatures must be original (preferably in blue ink) - photocopied or emailed applications cannot be accepted.

3  Send the accreditation submission form (original, signed hard copy) to ACAT together with:

  •     A final report from your Senior Supervisor
  •     Payment of the accreditation fee, or full invoicing details if a third party is to be invoiced

The accreditation application must be received by ACAT by the submission deadline which is set at least three weeks before the ACAT Exam Board. 

The Exam Board generally meets in February, June and October each year - please contact ACAT for the date of the applicable submission deadline.  Applications received after the deadline will be held over for consideration at the next Exam Board.

4  National External Examiner for Supervisor Training recommends accreditation

5  Accreditation is decided and formal notification is sent from the Chair of the Exam Board

Accreditation and Award

Upon successful completion of supervision training, the trainee will receive a certificate from ACAT accrediting them as a CAT Supervisor. 

If you are an ACAT accredited Psychotherapist and also a member of UKCP you will be eligible, upon ACAT accreditation as a supervisor, to join the UKCP Directory of Approved Supervisors as a Recognised Training Supervisor (RTS).  

If you are an ACAT Practitioner, and you become accredited as a CAT Supervisor, you will be eligible to join the HIPC Directory of Approved Supervisors as a Recognised Training Supervisor.

The Supervisor Training Guidelines and application form to begin training can be found below once you are logged in.

The Supervisor Accreditation Submission Form may be found under 'Training Resources', accessed via your personal home page.

Please ensure that you use the current forms when making your application.

Revised April 2017


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08-04-19 Relational Skills in CAT Supervision ResidentialMore information to follow....


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