CAT Supervisor Training:  Guidelines for Training

The usual pathway for training as a CAT Supervisor is that

  • You will be a CAT Practitioner or a CAT Psychotherapist
  • You will have completed a minimum of 16 CAT cases under supervision: 8 CAT Practitioner training cases and 8 completed post accreditation.

The latter cases would normally be supervised by an accredited or trainee CAT supervisor. Where this has not been possible for all eight of the latter cases please see the information provided in section 3 of the handbook

The training is an apprenticeship model through which you are supported by a Senior Supervisor as you work through a number of components.  You will need to

  • Identify a Senior Supervisor
  • Make an application to begin CAT Supervisor Training outlining your personal plan

The fee is currently £350.

Once approved you will work through two parts

  • In Part 1 you would usually attend an ACAT Accredited Supervisor Training course
  • In Part 2 you run your own supervision group under supervision
  • You supplement this with additional components to support your training and meet your own learning needs

Please note that although this is the usual pathway for Supervisor Training, you may not be able to proceed in this way due to various factors, for example

  • You may attend an ACAT course prior to completing your 16 cases due to the timing of the course or because funding is available
  • You may choose to attend the course purely as CPD, as you are not sure if you will apply to train as a supervisor at that stage
  • There may be a delay setting up and running your own group so you cannot move straight from completion of the course (Part 1) to Part 2

Supervisor training may therefore run over a longer period of time and reflect a more varied route.  These situations are discussed in the Handbook and you can get in touch with queries about your situation.

The Supervisor Training Handbook

The Supervisor Training Handbook and separate appendices are available to download at the end of this page or from the 'Training' section of your personal home page (please note, you will need to be logged-in to view). The Handbook contains information about the training from the application and planning stage through to completion.  It also includes all the forms and guidance that you need along with the assessment and review process.    

Queries relating to applications or the training pathway may be sent to the Vice-chair for Supervisor Training via Maria Cross

The supervisor training documents are also available under 'Training' and 'Training Resources' on your personal home page once logged-in.

For the dates of forthcoming Exam Board meetings, and the accreditation submission deadlines (set at least three weeks before the meeting):, or contact


Applying to Part 1 ACAT Supervisor Training

The Part 1 ACAT accredited courses for trainee supervisors run approximately every 9 months.  Trainee supervisors need to attend this course prior to Part 2 of the training when you run your own supervision group.  They are usually offered as a residential course over 2.5 days in Evesham or non-residential in Manchester as a 2 day training with a ½ day follow up arranged with the group.  Part 1 training courses currently offered are detailed at the end of this webpage - please click on the individual links for further information.

Updated September 2021

CAT Supervisor Training Courses


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