Living Confidently with HIV

The 2016 Revised Edition of "Living Confidently with HIV: A Self-Help Book" is thought to be the only one of its kind.  It is an up to date self-help resource with extensive coverage of the issues facing people living with HIV written by four highly experienced Clinical Psychologists in the field of HIV and Sexual Health.  Packed with helpful real life testimonials from people living with HIV we address a wide range of issues faced by people living with HIV including: the psychological impact of Anal Intraepithelial Neoplasia; coping with HIV Medication; Disclosure; Sex and Relationships, Child and Family Issues, and practical steps to address the symptoms of Anxiety or Depression to name a few of the areas covered by this book.    
Many people living with HIV are reluctant to seek professional help or face long waits or other difficulties accessing psychological support.  We hope this book will help people living with HIV and those involved in their care by providing access to psychological guidance and expertise, and help alleviate the shame and stigma that people living with HIV often carry.

  • An invaluable book for those who have HIV or are close to someone who does
  • Explains with clarity the medical side of HIV, and discusses how to improve your quality of life and sexual well-being whilst living with HIV
  • Provides help in accepting the diagnosis, adjusting to HIV and finding positive ways to move forward
  • Comprehensively covers a wide range of issues important to those living with HIV - medication, sex and relationships, disclosure and much more
  • Contains lots of helpful testimonials from people living with HIV
  • Written by Clinical Psychologists in the fields of Sexual Health and HIV, Mental Health and Stress and Trauma.

New revised 2016 edition available on Amazon Kindle as an i-book or paperback from Blurb

Liz Shaw  |   Erasmo Tacconelli  |  Robert Watson  |  Claudia Herbert

Published by ACAT Administrator on 27th Jan 2016

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