New Conference Audio Library for ACAT Members

ACAT Members can now listen to a collection of recordings from ACAT's National Conferences from 2009 to 2015.

An ongoing project to prepare and upload a collection of audio files from these Conferences has now been completed. There are now over 20 presentations available for you to listen to online. All the files have been re-mastered to allow them to be embedded onto the ACAT website and make them playable on as many devices as possible. Most website browsers now support the playback of these files. Just click on the "PLAY" icon to start to listen to the recordings.

We have taken time to make sure that we have uphold ACAT's duty of care to protect the anonymity of clients that are mentioned in these recordings. We have also had to seek permission from the speakers to include their presentations on the site. Unfortunately this has meant that some of the presentations that were made and recorded at the Conferences haven't been able to be uploaded and made available to Members.

Please note that these files are provided for Members only. No distribution or public performance of these files is permitted.

We hope you find this new resource useful and interesting; and here is the link to the ACAT Audio Library. Please note you will need to be logged in as a Current Member to view these files.

Published by Jon Sloper on 1st Mar 2016

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