ACAT Elects Trustees at its 2016 AGM

Update on the Elections to ACAT's Board of Trustees at its AGM on 24 June, 2016

ACAT elects new trustees annually at its AGM.   One third of existing Trustees are required to stand down each year and they can seek re-election if they wish.  ACAT has a maximum of twelve trustees at any one time, two of whom can be lay members.

We are pleased to announce that the following ACAT members were elected to the Board of Trustees at the AGM on 24th June 2016:

Stephen White was re re-elected as ACAT's Treasurer and Trustee.
Sue Yabsley was re-elected as Trustee without office.
In addition the following new members to the Board were elected:
Henrietta Batchelor
Cheryl Delisser and
Alison Jenaway

ACAT welcomes them all in their new roles.

Trustees of ACAT (2016-2017)
ACAT's current Trustees (from 24 June 2016) are:
Jason Hepple – Chair
Robert Watson – Vice Chair
Stephen White – Treasurer
Henrietta Batchelor
Ruth Carson
Cheryl Delisser
Jay Dudley
Alison Jenaway
Liz McCormick
Marilyn Ramsden
Karen Shannon
Sue Yabsley

and Co-opted Member:  Rosemary Parkinson



Published by Susan Van Baars on 4th Aug 2016

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