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AGM 22 September, 2017:  some sad farewells mixed with the welcomes

ACAT elects a third (or more) of its trustees annually at its AGM on a rotational basis and at this year's meeting ACAT members said a sad farewell to Jason Hepple, who has been Chair of ACAT for six years, and also Stephen White, who has been Treasurer of ACAT for ten years.  Both Stephen and Jason were standing down and not seeking re-election.  Thanks were given to both for the huge contribution they have made to the work of ACAT and for their dedication and inspiration over the years.  Also standing down were Sue Yabsley and Rosemary Parkinson - both were thanked for their work - Sue has been a lead of Membership CPD Audit and Rosemary, most recently, as Reformulation Editorial Advisor. 

New Chair of ACAT:
Alison Jenaway who had been a Trustee without office last year, was elected as Chair of ACAT.   Alison will be the seventh Chair of ACAT and members at the meeting extended a warm welcome to her.  We are also pleased to announce that Stella Compton Dickinson has been elected as Trustee without Office.  Welcome to Stella too. 

Trustees of ACAT (2017-2018)

ACAT's current Trustees (from 22 September 2017) are:
Alison Jenaway – Chair
Robert Watson – Vice Chair
Vacancy – Treasurer
Henrietta Batchelor
Stella Compton Dickinson
Ruth Carson
Cheryl Delisser
Jay Dudley
Liz McCormick
Marilyn Ramsden (Lay)
Karen Shannon

Published by Susan Van Baars on 10th Oct 2017

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