New book: Gender Affirming Therapy

This publication will be available soon and is co-authored by Laura Scarrone Bonhomme, keynote speaker at ACAT's National Conference this year.

Gender Affirming Therapy: A Guide to What Transgender and Non-Binary Clients Can Teach Us

Author: Laura Scarrone Bonhomme, Davies Skye, Michael Beattie

Publisher: Open University Press

Published: 11/05/2023

ISBN: 9780335251544 -- This title is due to be published on the 11th May 2023. You can if you wish, order it now at our special pre-publication price and we will deliver it to you as soon as it becomes available.

This book aims to make the complexity of gender diversity accessible to those that, like the author, are starting from scratch. In this heavily political area, it is not uncommon for therapists to feel intimidated or concerned about saying something wrong. Meanwhile, clients also worry about sharing their own struggles with gender with a therapist, in case the therapist were to further stigmatize them. This book aims at bridging the gap, to ensure that more psychotherapists and counsellors feel prepared to support gender-diverse communities in a way that is effective, ethical and affirmative.

Laura Scarrone Bonhomme is a Consultant Clinical Psychologist who developed her career internationally. Laura specialises in Gender, Sexual, and Relationship Diversity. Reflecting on her experiences as a therapist, she has written articles and book chapters about the experiences and challenges faced by transgender and non-binary people. She provides assessment, psychotherapy, and training to other professionals through


Published by Alison Marfell on 8th Apr 2023

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