19th Annual ACAT Conference

Summary Programme


Thursday 5th July, 2012

Friday 6th July, 2012

Saturday 7th July, 2012

09:00 - 10:30  

Plenary Session - Main Lecture Theatre

1. 'Connecting, splitting and attending - dialogues with later life' Laura Sutton and Michelle Hamill (1 hour)

2. 'A Game of Two Halves - CAT in the World of Football' Nick Barnes (30 mins)

Plenary Session - Main Lecture Theatre

1. 'Looking at Early Interaction from a CAT Perspective' Katri Kanninen (45 mins)

2. 'Change your Parenting for the Better' Alison Jenaway (45 mins)

10:30 - 11:00   Coffee, tea and refreshments Coffee, tea and refreshments
11:00 - 12:30  

Friday Morning Workshops

1. 'CAT and Bipolar Disorder - reporting on the CATBID Research Project' Mark Evans  and Paddy Crossling (45 mins)

1.1 'Chronic Fatigue Syndrome' : Kim Dent Brown (45 mins)

2. 'Combining CAT and PIT in very brief therapy for people who self-harm' Clive Turpin (45 mins)

2.1 'Perceived Impact of the SDR on the Therapeutic Relationship' Jessica Osborne (45 mins)

3. 'Nationality, identity, culture and attachment. What does it mean to belong and be different and how does it show up in mental health and psychotherapy? Can CAT tools help?' Elaine Martin and Steve Potter (1.5 hours)

4. 'Playing with Fire: using playful techniques to manage hostility in the therapeutic relationship' Sophie Rushbrook and Nicola Coulter (1.5 hours)

5. 'CAT Formulation of the way service context and market principles alter relationships in health care settings' Robyn Vesey (45 mins)

5.1 'CAT as a research tool for reviewing the concept of the psychological contract at work' Xenia Goddard (45 mins)

6. 'The development of an overarching relational framework in a medium and low secure hospital: reflections on what CAT has to offer' Jenny Marshall and Kate Freshwater (45 mins)

6.1 'Applying CAT in assessment and consultation of a serious sexual and violent offender who is managed through Multi Agency Public Protection Arrangements (MAPPA)' Jamie Kirkland (45 mins)

7.'Tracking change in psychotherapy: working with clients who are going off track' Frank Margison (1.5 hours)

Saturday Morning Workshops

1. 'Running closed CAT approach groups on an in-patient eating disorder unit' Frances Pennycook and Lorna Boyd (45 mins)

1.1 'Using CAT within an inpatient and out-patient setting for adolescents with Anorexia. Thinking about sharing diagrams etc with young people, families and teams?' Vicky Richer (45 mins)

2. 'When Empathy is not Enough. Teaching relational awareness to cancer staff' Sonia Mangwana (45 mins)

2.1 'How dream exploration within a CAT framework can enhance understanding and integration of difficult emotional experiences' Aileen Garrihy (45 mins)

3. ''Why are there so many group CAT adaptations and is this helpful?  Clinical illustration of one adaptation of group CAT practised in Manchester' Cheryl Delisser and Clive Turpin (1.5hrs) 

4. 'Bodies in Dialogue: Integrating movement into CAT therapy' Caroline Dower (1.5 hours)

5. 'Ah ha Moments in Family Therapy - and Grandma came too!' Sue Yabsley (45 mins)

5.1 'Bringing CAT into the family' Debbra Mortlock (45 mins)

6. 'Do you see any other men who do this…? Buying Sex: Reflections upon working with Men who visit Sex Workers and the idea of Sex Addiction - a CAT informed approach' Robert Watson (45 mins)

6.1 ' Working with Morbid Jealousy using CAT; key skills in formulating and intervening' Steve Kellett (45 mins)

12:30 - 13:30   Lunch Lunch
13:30 - 15:00  

Plenary Session - Main Lecture Theatre

'Curiosity supports the CAT: An RCT of Cognitive Analytic Therapy and Treatment as Usual with Personality Disordered Participants' Prof Sue Clarke

'The Sheffield Personality Disorders (SPeDi) trial: preliminary results' Glenys Parry (30 mins)

followed by 'Beyond the Psychotherapist's Chair: Consultancy, Contextual Reformulation and CAT's vision for psychologically informed case management' Angela Carradice and Dawn Bennett (30 mins)

Saturday Afternoon Workshops

1.1 'Integrating CAT and Music Therapy: A patient preference trial' Stella Compton-Dickinson

1.2 'Cognitive Analytic Therapy (CAT) and Service User Involvement' Lindsay Jones and Lizzy Ferguson

2. 'CAT and Sex' Stephen Clarke and Paula Barnes

3. 'Practitioners experience of their mandatory CAT Personal Therapy: an interpretative phenomenological analysis' Kate Reilly

3.1 ' In celebration of IRRAPT – the journey towards becoming a CAT Psychotherapist’ Jay Dudley, Clive Turpin and Dupe Adu-White

4.'Tracking change in psychotherapy: working with clients who are going off track' Frank Margison (1.5 hours)

5. 'Diagrams, difference, culture and identity - a skills based workshop to explore mapping' Rhona Brown and Kath Sykes

6. 'How can CAT help us to understand and assess mental capacity?' Hilary Brown and Julie Lloyd

7. 'Mapping the Moment' Steve Potter

15:00 - 15:30   Tea, coffee and refreshments Tea, coffee and refreshments
15:30 - 17:00 Conference Registration

Friday Afternoon Workshops

1. 'Using CAT to help couples in conflicted relationships' Henrietta Batchelor (1.5 hours)

2. 'An integrative and generalisable group therapy programme using teaching and the mini therapy model and a relational group work approach' Ruth Carson and Uma Patel (45 mins)

2.1 'A game of two halves workshop' Nick Barnes (45 mins)

3. 'Six Part Story workshop in using this popular method' Kim Dent Brown (1.5 hours)

4.0 'How can our understanding of the cellular level of reciprocal roles help to build a productive dialogue amongst those willing to challenge the dominant economic and political forces' Lawrence Welch (45 mins)

4.1 'Do you want to be on the front page of The Sun? Using CAT to understand organisational enactments in response to Human Rights, the Care Quality Commission and Safeguarding' Beth Greenhill and Rebecca Swarbrick, Amanda Roberts (45 mins)

5. 'Relationships in Microcosm in CAT' Jason Hepple (1.5 hours)

6.0 'The Owl that becomes the 'I' - An exploration of the observing self in CAT using projected play (working with small objects)' Ella Knight (45 mins)

6.1 Using CAT in inpatient settings / a a consultative tool' Susie Black (45 mins)

Plenary Session - Main Lecture Theatre

For the final sessions of the conference we want to focus upon the vitality and versatility of the CAT Approach. Four speakers will focus on CAT research, individual work, group work and innovations in CAT theory and methods.

1. 'An overview of the CAT evidence base drawing upon a recent survey of research into CAT' Rachel Simmonds and Steve Kellett

2. 'Reflections upon the variety of clinical applications of CAT work with individuals - identifying some highlights, themes and pointers to the future' Glenys Parry

3. 'Highlights in the development of CAT in groups using mini therapy, CAT teaching and CAT group work in combination' Ruth Carson

4. 'Hands, Heads and Hearts: a new way of doing CAT' Steve Potter

Final comments, thanks and Close of Conference at 17.00

17:00 - 17:15 Conference Registration Break  

17.15 Conference Opens

17.15 - 18.45 Thursday Conference Opening Plenary

What is the Key to your way of doing and using CAT and what challenges does it bring?

Following welcomes and opening of the conference, the following people will give a short account of their response: 
Jason Hepple, Caroline Dower, Ruth Carson, Cheryl Delisser, Katri Kanninen and  ?



17.15 - 18.00 ACAT 2012 Annual General Meeting

18.00 Poster Presentations

One minute poster presentations which will then be on display for attendees during the early evening and during breaks on Saturday. These are short – gonged in and gonged out trailers so attendees can find out more about the posters from the people who made them.

1. Jana Fureskova – Exits in CAT

2. Xenia Goddard – Hidden curriculum in medical education

4. Xenia Goddard - CSAT as a research tool for understanding violations of the psychological contract in work organisations

5. Kim Dent Brown - Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

6. Steve Potter - Speed Supervision, Awareness Mapping and The Talkability Test

7. Carolyn Asher

Evening 19:30 19.30 Barbeque and Social 19.30 Drinks Reception, Book Launch, Conference Dinner and Live Band  


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