Council of Management

The ACAT Council of Management has responsibility for the day to day running of ACAT. Members are co-opted and include: the Chair of ACAT, the Chairs of the Exam Board and the Training Committee, Chair of the Research and Communication Committee, Vice Chair of ACAT, the Treasurer, Trainee Representative, the Projects and Liaison Officer, Administration Manager and the Public and Membership Services Officer.

The work of the Council of Management is conducted by monthly teleconference calls and interim email communication. The Council also meets in person three times a year in London, along with the Trustees.

The work undertaken by the CoM covers a wide range of topics, from overseeing issues such as the impact of  regulation on ACAT, conference, appointments to ACAT, organisation reviews, Charity application etc. It is involved in the development of new policies and revision of existing ones such as the Codes of Practice in the context of legislation or change of practice from other bodies such as the UKCP. A recent example is the development of the Equality and Diversity Policy:

“CAT promotes an active engagement with difference. It therefore seeks to provide a framework for the profession of psychological therapy that allows competing and diverse ideas and perspectives on what it means to be human to be considered, respected and valued.”

The Council aims to keep in touch with members in different ways – keeping you fully informed and up to date on key decisions from Trustees and Council of Management through the Chair’s newsletter in Reformulation and on the website, and through the e-newsletter twice a year. Please feel free to contact the ACAT office with queries – the Administration Manager will either endeavour to answer this or pass your query on to the appropriate person or committee -

Maria Cross [ACAT Administration Manager]
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday | 9am to 5pm
Main Office Phone: 01305 263511

Terms of Reference for ACAT’s Council of Management

The Composition of the Council of Management
ACAT Chair (Chair of Council of Management)
ACAT Vice-chair
Other Trustees as required
Chair of Training Committee
Chair of Exam Board
Chair of Equality and Diversity Committee
ACAT Administration Manager
ACAT’s appointed Data Protection Officer
Trainee Rep
Others as necessary

The Council of Management will meet via a teleconference approximately six weekly but not less than six times a year.  The Council of Management shall meet with the Board of Trustees three times a year.


  • The Council of Management is responsible for the general management of ACAT in accordance with the Annual Strategic Plan as set out by the Board of Trustees.  This includes the operational management of ACAT strategies arising from the Annual Strategic Plan including the Marketing Strategy, User/Public Involvement Strategy, Research Strategy and the monitoring and updating of the ACAT Risk Register
  • The operational management of other actions arising from the Board of Trustees, Training Committee and Exam Board as set out in the minutes
  • The operational management of the ACAT office and its core functions including servicing the membership, administration of training courses, financial and accounting systems and maintaining the website
  • Liaising with external organisations for the purposes of marketing, communications and with respect to regulation (particularly UKCP and the PSA)
  • The operational management of ACAT conferences and CPD events in liaison with designated Conference Programme Organisers


  • The Administration Manger, reporting to the Chair of ACAT, is responsible for the day to day operational management of the ACAT office, the line management of ACAT employees, including the Projects / Liaison Officer, and the management of Service Level Agreements with contracted external providers, including the website and the financial and accounting systems
  • The Council of Management, via the Chair of ACAT, Treasurer and Administration Manager, reports to the Board of Trustees at the thrice yearly meetings


Agreed and Approved by ACAT’s Board of Trustees 7th March 2014; updated September 2020

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Contact Details

ACAT Administration Manager:Maria Cross

ACAT Administrator:Alison Marfell

ACAT Financial Administrator:Louise Barter

Postal Address:ACAT
PO Box 6793
United Kingdom

Phone:Click for details

Office Hours:Monday to Friday
9am to 5pm

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