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I don't appear to be able to access the site from work or download any documents. Can you help?

Many employers, especially those in the public sector, have stringent protection and access restrictions on the computers on their networks. This is usually to stop inappropriate use by employees and possible infection of the system from websites with malicious content. Occasionally the settings on these access restrictions are such that they prevent access to bona fide websites that people wish to visit.

A small number of visitors to ACATonline have reported that their networks have restricted this site, and prevented them from logging in and/or downloading content. Unfortunately we are unable to do anything to change this situation, but would recommend that they contact their IT department and find out if there is a way to add ACATonline to the networks' "safe sites" or "permitted sites" list.

If you are experiencing this sort of access issue and need any assistance then do get in touch and we will try and help you resolve the problem.

I don't appear to be receiving emails from ACAT. What's gone wrong?

We have become aware that a handful of ACAT members have apparently not received emails from us recently. We have looked into the situation and in the majority of cases it appears that emails from ACAT have been sent into the "Junk Email" box on the member's email account. Some of the major email service providers in particular have been found to immediately treat ACAT email as "spam" and move it straight into the junk folder. Unless you know where to look you wouldn't even know a message has arrived.

The way to check whether this has happened to you is to look in the Junk or Spam folder and see if any emails from ACAT are in there. If they are you can usually tell the email program to stop treating ACAT messages as junk mail or spam. Click on the message and you should be given an option to change the "Junk Filter" and add ACAT emails to the "Safe Senders List". All email services do this differently so you may need to look at your provider's help pages to find out how to adjust these settings.

Once you've updated your junk mail filter your emails will be delivered into your Inbox in the normal way. If you still need any assistance with sorting out your junk mail settings after consulting your email provider's guidelines then get in touch and we will try to help.

Why haven't I received a copy of Reformulation?

There are a number of reasons why you may not have received a copy of Reformulation.

Perhaps your membership had lapsed at the time of publication; if it had then you wouldn't be sent a copy as you were not currently a member of ACAT.

Perhaps your postal address details on the database were wrong or incomplete; if so then it would not have reached you for obvious reasons! [If it goes to a work address, is it an address that you've checked regularly or has it been sent to the wrong dept in the internal mail system?]
If you can rule these two options out, then there may be an administrative problem that we as yet don't know about. If you think this might be the case please get in touch and we'll work with you to find out what has happened.  Email the ACAT Administrator with your query.

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