A Quick Guide to Help Administrators with Running their Special Interest or Regional Group Online

You can view the new Special Interest Groups and Regional Groups if you're logged into ACAT as a current full member.

If you are the Administrator of the group, not only will you see the list of members and comments that have been posted, but you'll also be able to 

1. approve new applications for membership of the group

2. upload new documents for members to view

3. post new event information

4. moderate, edit and delete group messages in the "chatterbox"

Finding Your Groups

You will find the groups that you belong to on the home page when you're logged into the ACAT website. http://www.acat.me.uk/welcome.php 

FAQs How to Administer an ACAT Group

It should look something like this.

Maintenance Options

1. Approving Membership Applications

Members of ACAT can apply to you to join your group. When they do so you will see their names appear in a list on the group page. Alongside their names will be an action button to allow you to approve their membership and allow them access to the group pages and information on the ACAT website.

The options look something like this:

ACAT Group Admin FAQs
By pressing on the button against the application you will approve their membership and they will immediately be able to see the Group's pages on the website.

You can also maintain the group members' records by clicking on the last link in the list which looks like this:

Group Administrators' FAQsYou can then remove members' from the Group if you need to.

2. Uploading Documents for Members to Download

You can upload, edit and remove any documents that you want to share with your Group members. Documents can only be seen and downloaded by your Group Members. Only you have the means to upload and maintain these documents.

You can upload all sorts of document types. Favourites include PDFs, Spreadsheets and Word Documents.

FAQs for SIG Group AdministratorsClick on the button at the foot of your list of downloadable Group Documents to open up the maintenance screen for your files. It should look something like this.

You will then be presented with a maintenance screen that will list all the files you have loaded on to the site for your group. It will look something like this.

Maintaining Group Docs

FAQs for Group AdministratorsIf you wish to add in a new file then click on the "ADD" icon at the topmost rightmost corner below the yellow and black lines. (Hovering over the icon will tell you what the button does.) 


Document Upload for Special Interest GroupsFill in the relevant Title and Description information then "Choose File" to search for the file you want to upload on your hard drive. Then click on the "Add Group Document" button to load the file onto the site and make it available to all Group Members.

3. Posting New Event Information

You can publish event information on the site if you wish. These can include external, non-ACAT events too.

Click on the button marked "Manage Group Events" to enter the maintenance area and update, add and delete any event records.

Managing Group EventsYou will then be presented with a list of current events in a table. You can choose to edit or delete your events. You don't have to delete events that have passed. They will disappear automatically from the published lists on the site once their dates have passed.

Event Records for Special Interest Group AdministratorsTo add in a new event you will need to click on the "Add Button" at the TOP RIGHT of the list of events. Hovering over the button will tell you what it does.

Then fill in each of the details of your event as prompted on the screen and press "Add Event Advertising". The event will then be added and immediately displayed on the site against your Group.

Maintenance Buttons for ACAT If you wish to edit an event then click on the "EDIT" button at the far right of the event's listing. If you DO wish to remove a listing then you can do so using the "DELETE" icon which is shown in the middle of this illustration.

As with everything on the site, if you have any questions or problems with using these systems then please email support@alacrify.co.uk

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