Tips for Using the New ACAT Website - Part One

Here's the first of our short guides on how to make the most of the new ACAT website, introducing some of the features that you can now find on ACATonline.

Web Page Search

ACAT SearchYou can now search for content in all the web pages on this website by using the "Search the Website" box at the top of all the pages. Type in your search term and then click the button to use this feature. You can refine your search by putting a + in front of any words that MUST be in your search results; e.g. '+borderline therapy' - which will return only results that definitely include the word "borderline" and possibly include the word "therapy".

Results are returned with the closest matches at the top to improve your chances of finding relevant information.

Finding a Therapist

To find a CAT Therapist you can now browse the Private Practitioners list here. [Find a Therapist]. Therapists listings are shown by region to help you locate someone near you, and when you're looking at one therapist's listing you will also be able to see a list of nearby therapists shown in the right hand column of the page. Hopefully this will make it easy to find someone offering private CAT therapy.

New Information About CAT

ACAT NavigationThis new website is full of interesting and useful information about CAT that been written especially for the website. This includes introductions to the CAT approach to therapy, stories from clients and lots of useful information of general and professional interest about Cognitive Analytic Therapy. We've also published more information about ACAT, the Association for Cognitive Analytic Therapy; along with details of how to join.

To improve access to all this new information, the site has been created with a right hand navigation bar that contains a list of related pages if there are any. This should make it easier to browse through the website and find interesting and useful information about all aspects of CAT.


Finally, for now, I'd like to introduce the page footer to you. In addition to the official information in the bottom right hand corner, there is also a bunch of "QuickLinks" for Members, Office and Practice information. These may change over time as we get feedback about their usefulness, but they are intended as a shortcut to some of the more important pages / sections on the website, that otherwise may take a couple of clicks to find.

Published by Jon Sloper on 24th Aug 2011

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