Leamington Spa [Adrian Newell]

I am an accredited CAT Psychotherapist working independently in Leamington Spa.  I am happy to work with you if you have any of a wide range of difficulties including feelings of depression, anxiety, relationship difficulties, trauma of various kinds and eating problems.  I am willing to have an informal discussion prior to starting any therapy. While I usually offer therapies of 8-24 sessions, I am responsive to individual needs and work collaboratively to agree the goals and the duration of therapy.

I have experience of offering training therapies to CAT trainees and "mini-therapies" for those on CAT skills courses or similar.


I have a wide range of experience in helping people with all kinds of psychological distress.  I initially trained as a Clinical Psychologist and then undertook additional training in a number of different therapeutic approaches (including psychodynamic therapy. group therapy and CBT) before training as a CAT Psychotherapist, which is now the approach I primarily use. I have worked in the NHS for a number of years. I held posts as Consultant Clinical Psychologist in general mental health and eating disorders in the NHS and now work independently.
Professionally I am recognized by the UKCP as a Psychotherapist and by the BPS as a Clinical Psychologist.

Working Hours

Week Days 9 am to 7 pm by appointment 

Contact details

If you wish to discuss possible therapy you are welcome to contact me either by phone or email. My mobile number is: 07779 722063 and my email address is as follows: adrian.newell1@btinternet.com