Cambridge [Mark Westacott]

I am a CAT practitioner, CAT supervisor and consultant clinical psychologist with a private practice just outside Cambridge. I have previously been Director of the University of East Anglia CAT course and have also been Chair of the ACAT Training Committee and am a past Chair of ACAT. I see clients for both CAT and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, for brief and longer term therapies. My particular area of expertise is adult mental health and I have extensive experiences of working with people with a range of different problems. I also offer supervision and therapy to trainee therapists and provide clinical supervision and training to a number of local hospitals. There is more information about my practice on my website:



Working Hours

9am - 8pm


Prior Consulting Ltd,
The Maltings, The High Street, Burwell, CB25 0HB

Tel: 01638 742165


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