Glasgow and Edinburgh [Catherine Shea]

Accredited CAT Practitioner.  I came to CAT after 25+ years experience as a counsellor working with individuals and couples, and as a counselling trainer and supervisor.  CAT has quickly become the therapeutic model I use most.  It is collaborative, accessible, creative, practical and effective for all kinds of personalities and learning styles and across a wide range of issues.  It can work as a brief therapy (6-16 sessions) and as a medium to longer term approach (16-36 sessions), which helps people to budget. 

I have particular expertise in working with relationship difficulties, family work, postnatal depression, bereavement, concerns around drug and alcohol use and mental health problems like depression, anxiety and volatile moodswings. I also have specific training in working with trauma, whether recent or past, acute or chronic (Sensorimotor Psychotherapy and EMDR).

I offer daytime and evening appointments on Tuesday to Friday at a Centre for Psychotherapy in Edinburgh, with bus links and free local parking.  On Mondays, I work in Glasgow from a practice based near Charing Cross.

Please email or call me for further details - or 07932 087722.


Glasgow and Edinburgh

Working Hours

Daytime and evening

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