Taunton [Kathryn Ford]

I can offer therapy online and face to face.

I am an accredited CAT practitioner, previously a qualified social worker and approved mental health professional.

I have 25 years' experience as a social worker, working in Community Mental Health teams in Local Authority settings and NHS settings.

When I work with individuals and couples in therapy I aim to open up an exploration of the difficulties you may be facing, in a caring and sensitive way. 
It is a joint activity; you share what is of importance to you and that you feel ok to talk about. We look at how your difficulties connect with, and relate to, other areas of your life; your past, your relationships, your sense of identity, in a way that aims for greater self awareness, understanding and acceptance.

I work with people to explore their concerns, life experiences and try to discover more helpful, compassionate ways of relating to others and yourself and to being in the world.

I offer a standard 16 week therapy to individuals over the age of 18, however this time boundary is subject to review according to your needs.

I can offer day and evening appointments, if required, and can be contacted on 07964187739 or e-mail kathrynford17@protonmail.com


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