Truro, Redruth [Timothy Keen]

I am a CAT practitioner with over 20 years experience working in the NHS in both primary care and in  secondary mental health services catering to people who are struggling with the legacy of toxic childhood experiences.  This might include:  anxiety, depression, OCD, problems making and sustaining relationships, problems with addictive behaviours, low self esteem, perfectionism, the tendency to be fearful and avoidant, PTSD (where traumatic experiences are re-experienced) and self harm.  

I have developed my practice working with people with long term physical health conditions with the aim of helping clients understand their relationship to their condition and the patterns of responding to symptoms that may ultimately play a role in quality of life.  

In particular I have worked with people who over eat and may be significantly over weight.  Understanding your relationship to food, the role it plays and how else you might manage your feelings may be the necessary start to managing your weight more successfully.  

My telephone number is 07720 891 273.  My main private practice day is Wednesdays.  I work across mid to west Cornwall.  I am happy for you to give me a ring so we can work out togther whether I may be the right therapist for you. 





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