Telford, Shropshire [Jane Graham]

I am an accredited CAT practitioner, an accredited EMDR practitioner and registered mental health nurse.  I work for the Ministry of Defence as senior specialist nurse therapist and also have a small private practice.
I have more than 20 years experience working in mental health within the NHS across a variety of settings.  I have worked with adult and senior adult populations including working with those with organic illness.  I have worked as a counsellor in primary care and in secondary care with severe and enduring mental illness.
I am a trauma therapist specialising in military trauma as well as complex/developmental trauma and PTSD.  However, the breadth and depth of my experience lends itself well to working with anxiety, OCD, depression, work-related stress, relationship issues, existential issues, bereavement and loss, abuse and neglect, self-harm and addictions.  I also have considerable experience working with adult ADD/ADHD.
The experience of CAT therapy as a process is both fluid and creative and emerges from the uniqueness of the therapist-client relationship; whilst the structure of CAT provides safety and containment.  I work in an integrative way, drawing upon several schools of thought which include psychodynamic, existential, compassion-focussed, humanistic, transactional-analysis and ACT approaches to help us work together to make sense of your life experiences.

I am also trained and certified to deliver the Safe and Sound Protocol which is an intervention based on Dr Stephen Porges' Polyvagal Theory.  It is designed to downgregulate the nervous system to reduce stress and auditory sensitivity while enhancing social engagement and resilience; helping to reset homeostasis within the nervous system. Use of the Safe and Sound Protocol facilitates a more settled physiological state in which to access therapy.


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