Leeds or Harrogate [Haydee Cochrane]

I am a Chartered Principal Clinical Psychologist, Accredited CAT Practitioner and CAT Supervisor, working with adults with a range of psychological problems, for example, Anxiety, Depression, Post traumatic Stress disorder (PTSD), Childhood Abuse, Relationship Difficulties, Anger and Emotional Distress to name a few.

CAT is usually a 16 or 24 session approach that explores patterns that repeat themselves in a person’s relationship with themselves and relationships with others, causing unhappiness or conflict, and finds alternative ways of responding which  stops patterns which can cause and maintain feelings of sadness, anxiety, guilt, anger, emotional pain or regret.


North Leeds (LS17), West Yorkshire

Harrogate, North Yorkshire

Private Working Hours

Leeds (Alwoodley, LS17)

Friday mornings - 9.30am; 10.30am and 11.30am

Harrogate (The Oakdale Centre, HG2)

Monday 5.30pm; 6.30pm,

Tuesday 5.30pm; 6.30pm, 

Wednesday 5.30pm; 6.30pm 

Thursday 5.30pm.


 You can contact me directly on Tel: 07843 785 652 or through email at DrHaydeeCochrane@gmail.com

I also offer CAT supervision and consultation to other professionals and receive regular supervision from an ACAT supervisor.


Tel: 07843 785 652

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